The Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry is primarily involved in providing strong foundation in fundamentals of different branches of chemistry viz. Organic chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Biochemistry, Medicinal chemistry and Natural product chemistry.

The objective of the department is to provide profound theoretical knowledge to the students and to shape them into professionals with technical competence by intensive training. Our mission is to instill confidence in our students by adopting an interactive teaching methodology, through which they are made to understand the basics of chemistry and to create a conductive environment which would make them skilled chemists. Faculty of this department are well experienced and highly qualified with a dedication to teaching. The entire faculty have the exposure and opportunity to carry out research. The department has nearly 20 original research articles published in reputed journals.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department has all basic and advanced features like well ventilated spacious laboratories with water and gas connections, fume free environment, glass wares including custom designed vessels etc. The department has FTIR and UV spectrophotometers, Digital melting point apparatus, microwave reactor, reaction dry bath, hot air oven, vacuum oven, digital mixers and stirrers, high end filtration equipments and other instruments to carry out research.

The department has identified core areas of research mainly in medicinal chemistry in the fields of cancer, diabetes, inflammation and chemotherapy of microbial diseases. The prime motto of our research is to identify a lead molecule either of synthetic or natural origin and to optimize the lead to achieve desirable pharmacodynamic andpharmacokinetic properties. The methods to identify the lead applied in our department includes design, synthesis, SAR, characterization and screening of novel organic molecules using traditional as well as cutting edge technologies like high throughput screening and molecular modeling. Lead optimization is carried out using computational methods.

Our strategy for achieving global standards is to develop a "Drug design and synthesis research laboratory" with excellent facilities in par with industrial standards and to possess accreditation of government research organizations, harmaceutical industries and international standard organizations.

SI.NoLaboratories Major Equipment 
1Pharmaceutical Chemistry-I1 UV Double beam Spectro photometer (Shimadzu)
2 FTIR (Bruker)
3 HPLC Shimadzu
4 U.V-Spectrophoto-meter
5 Polarimeter
6 Oil bath
7 Water Bath
8 Distill water still
9 Hot air oven
10 Incubator
11 Centrifuge
12 Refracto meter
13 Compound Microscope
14 pH Meter
15 Colori meter
16 Refigerator
17 Potentiometer
18 Conductometer
19 Chromatographic column
20 Electronic balance
21 Rotamantle
22 Digital balance
2Pharmaceutical Chemistry-II
3Pharmaceutical Chemistry-III

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