M. Pharm – Pharmacology

The goal of Al Shifa College of Pharmacy is to become Kerala’s premier educational hub for pharmaceutical sciences. Pharmacy careers now require a curriculum that is multidisciplinary and varied, reflecting a total transformation in the profession. The academic structure at Al Shifa College of Pharmacy has been designed with the understanding that pharmacy students have an obligation to meet the needs of India’s high-tech pharmaceutical industry while also ensuring that their education will positively impact patient care and pharmacy practice.

Al Shifa College of Pharmacy was founded, and since then, we have made concerted efforts to develop pharmacy research aptitude in all of our students in order to keep them abreast with the demands of the pharmaceutical business. The quantity of publications, both domestically and internationally, demonstrates their endeavors. For training and placement initiatives in India, the institute has been successful in establishing long-lasting links with the pharmaceutical industry both locally and nationally throughout the years.

The Department of Pharmacology, is committed to achieve and strive for excellence in teaching and research. The faculty members of the department are actively engaged in teaching for D. Pharm, B. Pharm, M. Pharm and Pharm. D students. The experimental and research laboratories including CCSEA approved animal house is equipped with the latest instruments that provide a wonderful arena for research-oriented students as well as faculty members. Beside facilities for isolated tissues and in-vivo experiments, the five-pharmacology labs have premier instruments for several drug evaluation procedures. The research lab has some of the sophisticated, state of art instruments, mainly acquired through grants secured from funding agencies by faculty. The department have more than 100 publications by the faculties.

With partnerships with prestigious national and international institutions, the department hopes to conduct collaborative research in cutting-edge areas of health and medicine. The department is focused on training students and scholars in emerging fields of pharmacy that cater to the pharmaceutical industry and R&D. Our vision is to train and nurture students toward fundamental & advanced research in pharmacy leading to technological innovation and entrepreneurship.

Consultancy services :

Our department pursues a multifaceted mission of training and excellence in the field of medical education and research. The department can perform the following consultancy researches

  • Toxicity studies – Acute, Sub acute and Chronic toxicity studies
  • Anticancer activity
  • Antidiabetic activity
  • Hepatoprotective activity
  • Diuretic activity
  • Antihyperlipidemic activity
  • Analgesic, Antipyretic and anti-inflammatory activity
  • CNS activities – Antidepressant, CNS stimulant and depressant activity
  • Behavioral effects of drugs in few models
  • Antiepileptic activity
  • Nootropic activity

Course outlook :

  • The course is intended to reinforce foundational knowledge in pharmacology and to disseminate current developments in medications used to treat a range of illnesses. Additionally, this course aids students in comprehending the principles of pharmacological action and the underlying mechanisms.
  • The purpose of this course is to teach preclinical drug evaluation and the most contemporary experimental methods used in medication development and discovery. The course material aids in the student’s comprehension of the proper care of laboratory animals and provides a foundational understanding of the numerous in-vitro and in-vivo preclinical evaluation procedures.
  • The course provides a foundational understanding of the composition and operations of cellular components and aids in comprehending how these components interact with medications. The learner will be able to apply his or her knowledge of the drug development process with the use of this material.
  • Basic information on the drug discovery process is imparted by the subject. With this knowledge, the learner will be proficient in the drug discovery process.
  • For the students, this course will offer value and fulfill a current requirement in pharmacovigilance and clinical research. Students will learn about conceptualizing, planning, carrying out, overseeing, and reporting clinical studies. This topic also emphasizes the worldwide context of Pharmacovigilance and the various techniques that can be employed to produce safety data. Students will learn how to create drug safety data for the preclinical, clinical, and post-market phases of drug development.

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