Department of pharmacy practice, Al Shifa College of Pharmacy is performing ADRmonitoring and pharmacovigilance activities through an approved Adverse Drug ReactionMonitoring Centre (AMC) in association with National Coordination Centre (NCC) forPharmacovigilance Programme of India (PvPI), under Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission,Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Gove of India.




Department of Pharmacy Practice had its dawn in 2008, and was the fountain head of Pharm.D and Pharm.D (PB) by 2010. The Department along with KIMS-Al Shifa Hospital provides one of the best clinical exposures to its students. The entire team of doctors and health care system along with mentors and clinical preceptors make sure to streamline our students to be globally competent. Here, rather than long periodic classroom lectures, we believe in creating ample opportunities for our students to utilize, explore and learn. We make sure to conduct periodic Professional and Personality Development class, hosting workshops and seminars, community oriented health services and awareness classes initiated by our students, annual Student Exchange Program with AIMST University Malayasia since a year. Pharmacy Practice has also been a research hub since the beginning which is evident with the initiation of ClinPharm, Journal Club, Drug Information Centre, Patient Counseling Centre, highly significant academic research and project works. Our success is when we see our students performing outstandingly in academics bagging university ranks as well as achieving laurels and credits in poster and oral presentation, state and national quiz competitions, research publications, higher studies and scholarships. Our students are the pioneers of dedication and excellence.

The incomparable journey of Pharmacy Practice since a decade is the awe-inspiring effort of everyone who is a part of it.

Milestones of Department of Pharmacy practice

  • 2008 - Commencement of M.Pharm (Pharmacy Practice).
  • 2009 - Inauguration of Drug information Centre ( 3rd floor,Alshifa hospital)
  • 2010 - Commencement of Pharm D. Course..
  • 2010 - Inaugurated www.clinpharmblogspot.com
  • 2011 - Hospital formulary First Edition Published
  • 2011 - 1st Batch M.Pharm (Pharmacy Practice) Graduated with 100% result.
  • 2011 - Secured Second Rank in Pharmacy Practice Regular Examination held in April 2011
  • 2011 - Commencement of Pharm.D. (Post Baccalaureate)
  • 2011 - Shifa ClinPharm Newsletter First issue published
  • 2012 - Al Shifa College of Pharmacy completed 10 years of meticulous service producing Pharmacy Professionals of highest caliber
  • 2012 - ASHP (National Registry of Hospital Pharmacy) & International Registry of Drug Information Centre( www.dicalshifa.org)
  • 2012 - Guidelines on Type1 &Type 2 Diabetes, Published
  • 2012 - Guidelines on Pharmacovigilence (English and Malayalam) published
  • 2012 - Guidelines on Smoking cessation Published
  • 2013 - Inauguration of Drug information Centre website- www.dicalshifa.org to interact with pharmacy professionals’ world over
  • 2013 - Second edition of Hospital formulary published
  • 2013 - First edition of Paediatric formulary published
  • 201 3 - Pathophysiology Quick review Published
  • 2013 - Celebrated world environment day and planted 300 trees in our college campus and locality ( 2013)
  • 2013. - Conducted Massive awareness programme on smoking cessation on world no tobacco day (for more details www.clinpharmindia.blogspot)(2013)
  • 2013 - Organized one day women's day programmed followed by panel discussion (for more details www.clinpharmindia.blogspot) (2013)
  • 2014 - Guidelines Asthma, Cirrhosis, Urinary Tract Infections, Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis,STD, Hepatitis, Peptic Ulcer, Obesity, Family Planning and Epilepsy published
  • 2014 - Secured Second Rank in Pharmacy Practice Regular Examination held in April 2013
  • 2014 - 70 Research publications, 15 podium presentations and 200 poster presentations to departments credit during the last 5 years.(Students have secured First, second and third prize in oral and poster presentation in all these years)
  • 2014 - Organised 5 continuing education programme for Nurses in Alshifa Hospital
  • 2014 - Organized One Day glaucoma awareness program, one month filariasis awareness programme(Mass Drug Administration program, March 1st to 20th) and one day tuberculosis awareness program( Word TB Day-March 24 -2014
  • 2014 - Organised 8th International Pharmacy Module: 5th, 6th and & 7Th November 2014.
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Results of academic year 2015-2016

Sl.No.CourseSubjectPercentage result
1II D.PharmPharmaceutics II98%
Pharmaceutical Jurispundence78%
Drug store & Business management
2M.Pharm-Part IIPharmaceutics100%
3IV B.PharmFormulative & Industrial Pharmacy88%
4Vth Pharm.D.Clinical pharmacokinetics & Therapeutic drug Monitoring100%