The Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis aims at both theoretical and practical education to assure the quality, safety and efficacy of drugs, which fulfils one of the basic tasks of pharmaceutical studies. Qualified faculty and state of the art instrumentation room make this department suitable for modern day teaching and research.

The mission of the department is to enlighten the students about application of analytical techniques in accordance with the drug regulatory affairs, to make them realize the importance of method validation, to make them understand development of quality assurance and quality control protocols as per GMP, GLP and cGMP guidelines. It is a regular practice of the department to teach the students to utilize the official pharmacopoeias to establish standards of the pure drugs and drug formulations.

The department has well maintained laboratories with sophisticated glass wares and a central instrumentation room with advanced versions of the analytical equipments is also available. Instruments like HPLC, FTIR and UV spectrophotometers, Polari meter, Flame photometer, Sonicator, Rotary flash evaporator, Refractometer and statistical soft wares are employed for regular teaching and research.

The department is involved in applied research like method development for API and formulations, and has plans to concentrate on bio analytical method development especially pharmacokinetic, bioavailability and bioequivalent studies using animal models.

The vision of the department is to establish a centre for excellence in quality assurance and quality control of drugs and regulatory affairs.

SI.NoLaboratoriesMajor Equipment 
1Pharmaceutical Analytical Lab1 UV Double beam Spectro photometer (Shimadzu)
2 FTIR (Bruker)
3 HPLC Shimadzu
4 U.V-Spectrophoto-meter
5 Polarimeter
6 Oil bath
7 Water Bath
8 Distill water still
9 Hot air oven
10 Incubator
11 Centrifuge
12 Refracto meter
13 Compound Microscope
14 pH Meter
15 Colori meter
16 Refigerator
17 Potentiometer
18 Conductometer
19 Chromatographic column
20 Electronic balance 
21 Rotamantle
22 Digital balance
2 Pharmaceutical Microbiology1. Laminar air flow chamber
2. Incubator
3. Refrigerator
4. Inoculation Hood
5. Autoclave
6. Centrifuge
7. Hot air oven
8. Hot plate
9. Compound microscope