Pharmacognosy is the very old and still having development potential among the various branches of Pharmacy. The subject is mainly concerned with the study of drugs obtained from the natural sources like Plant, Animals, Minerals, Marine and Microorganisms. The Dept of Pharmacognosy is well established with the modern equipments and Dedicated faculties. The Pharmacognosy Dept of Alshifa college of Pharmacy is mainly concerned with the extraction, isolation and bioscreening of various natural products apart from the academic syllabus.The Dept is continuously aimed at the studying of various ethnomedical practices among the tribal communities in and around Malappuram and Palakkad Districts. The dept also aimed in the standardisaation of various formulations used in the different indigenous systems of treatment like Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani, for which the standardization of finished products are very less. The Medicinal garden attached to the dept is unique among the various Pharmacy colleges of Kerala. It has a collection of over 250 varities of medicinal plants, most of which are either rare or extinct. The drug museum in the Dept is having sufficient number of crude drugs. The herbarium of the dept is having a collection of over 300 specimens. The Dept is also aimed in the production of medicinal plants by tissue culture techniques.

It has the following advanced instruments and equipments for various pharmacognostical and Phytochemical Studies.

  1. Karl Zeiss Optical Microscope with Axiocam ES Camera
  2. Rotary Evaporator
  3. Rotary Shaker
  4. Ultra centrifuge
  5. UV Cabinet
  6. Hot air oven
  7. Hot Plates
  8. Soxhlet extractors
  9. Clavenger apparatus
  10. Heating Mantles
  11. Distillation unit
  12. Muffle Furnace
  13. Chromatographic columns of various sizes
  14. Chromatography chambers
  15. Compound Microscopes

Achievements of the Dept.

  • Dept of Pharmacognosy is a part of the Open Source Drug discovery project in Tuberculosis sponsored by CSIR, in fact the college is one among the few pharmacy colleges in India Selected for this purpose.
  • More than 15 research papers were published / Presented in various National/ International journals/ Conferences by students and faculties.
  • 100% Result in Final Year B Pharm examination by Calicut university consecutively during the last two years.
  • Digitalised over 400 medicinal plants present in the Ernad, Nilambur and Perinthalmann a taluk of Malappuram district, most of which are rare.
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On going Projects

  • Isolation and charecterisation of biopolymers from marine echinoderms.
  • Bioscreening of sea squid varities for anthelminthic property.
  • Phytochemical and cytotoxic evaluation of Mangifera indica.

Future Plans

  • Commencement of Post Graduate course in Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry, which will helps in the strengthening of Research activities in the dept.
  • Commercial production of various plant extract.
  • Development of Bio polymers from the marine sources. (In Progress)
  • Development of biodegradable polymers from natural source.
  • Commercial production of volatile oil from Lemon grass.
  • Commercialisation of various pharmacognostical and Physicochemical studies for academic institutions/ Industries.
  • Commercialised isolation of Phytoconstituents
  • Development of standardization protocol for various ayurvedic / Siddha and Unani formulations.
  • Exploration of Cholanaikkar community of the Nilambur forest towards their ethnomedical practices. (In Progress)
  • Biotransformation studies of different glycosides.
SI.NoLaboratoriesMajor Equipment 
1 Pharmacognosy-I1. TLC CHamber
2. Water bath
3. Hot air oven
4. Compound Microscope
5. Muffle furnace
6. Rotary shaker
7. UV cabinet
8. Simple microscope
9. Hot plate
10. Soxhalate apparatus
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