Al Shifa College of Pharmacy Students Union (ACPSU) strives to promote opportunities for the development of character, leadership, efficiency, knowledge, democratic outlook and spirit of service among students. Tenure of college union is for one academic year. The system of election follows a direct mode where, the elected class representatives can elect the office bearers of the college (The Chairman, General Secretary, The Editor, secretaries for Arts and Sports) and the University Union Councilor. Staff adviser nominated by the Principal will be an ex-officio member without voting power. Office bearers of the union include women students' representative, students from weaker economic group and bright students from the fields of academics and co-curricular activities. The College Union helps the students to promote and develop their artistic talents by organizing arts festivals every year. The Union extends its support for the students to participate in various inter collegiate/university arts and sports events. To impart leadership training and to encourage the students in various constructive activities in the context of nation building serves as the pivotal objectives of the college union.


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